What I’ve been doing

brother-sister.jpgbrother-sister.jpginstead of writing blog posts.brother-sister.jpg

Aren’t they cute? We are thinking about naming them Brother & Sister because we could not simply adopt one of them from the pound. Sister is on the right, if you can see her barely visible pink collar. One pound official says they are chow/retriever mix, another says husky/retriever mix. It doesn’t matter, they are both cuddly, the male more so than the female. And, dadgummitt, they are cute as can be. 

6 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing

  1. They’re tails do curl up over their backs like chows, but I caught hers sorta mid-wag too. They are suprisingly calm puppies, almost no yipping & whining. I sure that’s partly because they are together. It’s hard to believe someone left them to be picked up as strays.

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