What I’m Reading Online Today

Scenes from chem lab – oh my. I am now worried.

Self-Control is a Muscle – read the comments to find out why that theory is possibly wrong.

Political Behavior through the Lens of Behavior Genetics – it’s not necessarily wrong, just not as informative as supposed.

The ingredients in the melting pot – maps of the U.S. by ethnic group, culture regions, religion, language, politics, and socio-economics. The demographics of where you live might surprise you.

Corn, corn, everywhere there’s corn.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Online Today

  1. The chem lab link just had me shaking my head. My oldest supposedly “completed” her high school intro to phys/chem and is now in chemistry. We were having a discussion last night and it dawned on me that she had grasped exactly zero of the concepts from either discipline. I was *this* close to dropping my old CRC “bible” in her lap when I just decided to let it go… and made a mental note to have a conference with the teacher that passed her.

  2. I do not remember my daughters taking any science courses. Isn’t that odd? Surely they did. They are required in both H.S. and college, aren’t they?

    One daughter is more receptive to the idea of cooking if a recipe is presented as a formula and the dish an experiment. The other considers most things (speed limits and no parking signs especially) as mere guidelines.

    However, while I think the conference is a good idea, I wouldn’t let it go as she did not get the understanding in school, it’s up to you to provide it.

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