What Are Commenters Linking To?

Since I have so few commenters (though top quality) I am going to borrow some from others today.

1) Marginal Revolution’s qq linked to Neuroskeptic’s  War on “Interesting” which is a compelling, significant, worthy, notable, intriguing, fascinating, and relevant essay on the non-interesting aspects of interesting.  

2) Erin, another from Marginal Revolution, linked to Ceviche and Fish & Chips at The Language of Food. I hope Mr. Jurafsky keeps writing.

3) If you think you might be a coffee snot snob, think again because it just got harder and more expensive. Volokh commenter JKB links to this article on coffee’s Third Wave.

3 thoughts on “What Are Commenters Linking To?

  1. Interesting thing on fancy coffee. I can’t afford the fancy coffee shops on a daily basis and only go for special treats to meet friends or take the kids out before they go back to school. But I am addicted to coffee in any form (?48-64 oz a day count???). I think I will go out and buy some good beans and a better coffee maker…cappuccino is my favorite, but when I bought a mid range espresso/cappuccino maker ($200) w birthday money, it clogged up in a few months (hard water?) .

    Have a very happy New Year. I am making the usual foul resolutions that do no good and make me crabbier than usual…but it is a good kick in the rear to DO something instead of succumbing to winter gloom!


  2. gcotharn — I won’t argue… do it!!

    retriever — I could never afford the fancy coffee shops on a daily basis, they’ve always been a treat for me. It’s a treat I like to indulge in when I have the time to indulge in browsing in a book store. Coffee… books… two of my favorite things!

    One of my resolutions is to simply “get out” more and one of the places I plan to go is the bookstore/coffee shop. Win/win for me on that one.

    The other resolution is to visit my children more often. How silly of us to stay at home when we have 5 children who live in what others consider vacation destinations. Not to mention the joy of their company and the joy of grandchildren. Why should we stay home? All I have to do now is convince my husband of the brilliance of this idea :-)

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