We Survived The Interesting Weather

Shreveport and vicinity got some heavy heavy rain and high winds yesterday. We live on a hill on the western edge of Shreveport and, as far as I know, there was no damage in this area, just flooding of some roads.

The most dramatic damage photographically was the steeple atop the First United Methodist Church at the Head of Texas Street being blown off and falling on an occupied car. The driver has broken bones, but is in stable condition and is expected to recover completely.









Photos by Jerry Newman, Shreveport Times. More at link.

Our only scare was when my husband decided, during what we thought was a lull in the storm, to go feed the dogs.  The minute he stepped outside the door, thunder and lightning picked up right over our heads. I’m waiting at the back door for him to come back, trying to see him during the flashes of lightning… and wondering if he’s slipped on mud and fallen leaves or has just decided to spend the night in the doghouse instead of trying to make it back inside.

UPDATE: The man injured by the steeple is in worse shape than earlier reported, but still it is a miracle he survived.

Also, my husband spent the day with the Red Cross in south Caddo Parish surveying flooded homes and providing food to people who are “flooded” in. The homes in this area are accessible right now by boats only.

I fear the flooding in some areas will only get worse, as many rivers, streams, and creeks have not crested yet.

5 thoughts on “We Survived The Interesting Weather

  1. Partly cloudy, high 69, low 56, humidity 60ish… that’s the ticket. My dream weather comes true occasionally. My other dream weather is 110 high… low humidity, and a pool after sundown in Phoenix. The pool, with water about 98 degrees F is a very important part of this dream.

  2. Yes, Phoenix weather is awesome, but it doesn’t quite have the “excitement” weather in other parts of the country does. Not that I’m wishing for a heat wave or dust storm… but I really do miss your pool.

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