Upset With Comcast. Again.

You know, I wouldn’t nearly as upset with Comcast customer service if they did not treat customers as if we are idiots.

2 thoughts on “Upset With Comcast. Again.

  1. I apologize for the unacceptable experience. May I ask for more details during your interaction with us so that we can address your concerns?

    You can contact me at the email provided email below. Please include a link to this page and your account info.


    National Customer Operations

  2. Dear ComcastMark,

    I really have no desire to privately communicate with you as I recognize that it’s a tactic to keep undesirable information away from the general public.

    The problem that prompted this post involved activating a new HD box. When we returned the old standard definition box and picked up the new HD box, we were not told that it needed to be activated. No written instructions were included with the new box.

    It took three calls to customer service (twice we unplugged the box from the wall and waited 30 minutes for it to ‘download’ the ‘signal’ as we were instructed to do before calling back even though I was certain this would not fix the problem as we’ve been customers for years and that has NEVER worked with either the TV or internet) before we were told this box would need to be activated by calling a special number.

    It was the twice repeated instructions to unplug from the wall and wait 30 minutes that made me feel (again!) like Comcast must think their customers are idiots.

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