Totally Deranged

Extreme Tidying Up

I get the soup one. After all, I’m the person who thinks the grid on a waffle is there for a reason.

The parking lot rearrangement also makes sense though I think two of the cars should have had a category of their own. What’s really nice is to see them all neatly within the lines. Most of them anyway.

Really, he could have done better with the cars now that look more closely.

via Marginal Revolution

6 thoughts on “Totally Deranged

  1. I was once in the extreme tidy category. Shirts organized by color, no wire hangers. Everything in order, everything had it’s place. Crazy about organizers, shelving, cabinets and pegboards with designated locations outlined for each tool. But things have changed in the last ten years. Really changed.

  2. I found your site through your name/link at Amba’s today (Apr 15), and I laughed when I got to this post and artist. I especially appreciated it because the order presented in the art reminded me of the ordering of thoughts I experience in your comments as you address one form of reality with another. I enjoy and appreciate your comments at Ambiance, and had a good time reading here.

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