‘Tis The Tipping Season

Yahoo has a filler article on how much to tip that’s headlined:

10 Workers to Tip This Season — When and How to Say Thanks.

Just let me say they’ve got it all wrong. They list 10 jobs where tips are customary and considered part of the salary, with suggestions on what to tip under ordinary circumstances. It’s merely a generic “help” article with a seasonal headline.

If you have a regular bartender, by all means add a few extra bucks on Christmas Eve. Same with a regular hairstylist or waitress.

But what about those people that perform a service for you on a regular basis that do not customarily receive tips? These are the ones I like to tip during this season. The first that comes to mind are those picking up the garbage at my house every week.

Imagine life in the city without them. Ugh. Gross. So put them on your Christmas list this year. We started thinking about this several years ago, beginning with a couple of bottles of cold water during a heatwave. Since then, we’ve shown up with hot coffee or hot chocolate during the winter, or a tin of cookies. Now, every year, on the last pickup before Christmas there’s an envelope (actually 3, since that’s how many man the truck).

From their reaction, and the gratitude they show us year ’round, I don’t think this happens to them very often. For example, we could get a fine for leaving our cans on the street after 7pm the day of pickup. We seldom have to worry about this, as they return our cans far enough up the driveway to keep us out of trouble.  

They feel good, we feel good. What could be better?

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