This Is Not A Serious Blog

“Opinions, about almost anything” is my theme for this blog. Nowhere does that imply that I must be seriously profound in my opinions. Nor does that imply that I must post about seriously profound subjects.

That also does not imply that I am not deadly serious when I say I have the cutest, most awesomest grandchildren ever (pictorial proof will be provided!)

There are occasionally subjects about which I choose to be very serious. If you are of normal intelligence, you will be able to distinguish these by their tone and a faint semblance of formal argument.

2 thoughts on “This Is Not A Serious Blog

  1. Oh no, not serious about everything? (ripping up my notes I have been taking, Opining Opinions to Live By). We may have different opinions on who has the cutest, most awesomest grandchildren (well, ok, I do only have one), but other than that, I love your blog, serious or not!

  2. Thank you, Lori. Perhaps I should have noted that this post is in reply to a put-down by an author on another blog where I made a serious comment on the serious subject of his post.

    In that comment, I suggested that he had not delved as deeply into the issue as it deserved. He responded by saying I had no right to call him “not deep” since my blog was so shallow.

    Ticked me off a bit, you might say.

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