A 37 Year Relationship

In order to accomplish this, I had to rid myself of a 37 (almost 38) year relationship with Big Insurance. Since I was 19 years old, I’ve had auto insurance — the same policy — with State Farm in Texas.

They have, literally, seen me through thick and thin. Through four teen-aged drivers, through ::mumble mumble:: speeding tickets and at least one outright bizarre accident.

One of the silliest accidents I was ever in involved two people backing out of driveways directly across from each other at exactly the same time. Yes, we both looked and nothing was behind us or approaching us… until we approached each other. We each got out of our cars asking “Where did you come from???”

My agent even advised us not to buy motorcycle insurance with them. He said, we will insure them because you have had other policies with us for so long, but we don’t want to and it’s going to cost you a lot more. He recommended Geico, and we took his recommendation. That is true customer service.

If all my renewal credits and the relationship could have been transferred to Louisiana, I’d have stayed with State Farm in a heartbeat. But, unless I just got a quote from a clueless agent here, that was not to be. I couldn’t see paying more than double, when Geico offered, believe it or not, a slightly lower overall premium.

I hope the service is as good. Well, actually I hope we never need to test the service.