Dumb Questions And Crocs With Socks

Oh yes there are dumb questions. Like the one my husband asked me yesterday: Why don’t you wear high heels?

Huh? We’ve been married 20 years and I can guarantee you that he has never seen me wear a pair of high heels. Never. Unless a 1 1/2″ heel fits that definition. I think it was 2004 I last wore anything that high.

Pretty shoes and my feet just don’t get along. I envy women who can wear pretty shoes and I wish I could wear high heels. I’ve tried and the pain is unbearable. This is probably because of injuries to my feet, none of which were caused by high heels. You see, I’m a klutz. Clumsy. Awkward.

I’ve injured my left foot and ankle five times seriously enough to have to use crutches before I was 35. Now that I’m just a tad bit older and dealing with arthritis on top of old injuries, comfort and support in a pair of shoes is the primary goal. I really don’t care what they look like.

So… yes, I wear Crocs. And sometimes Skechers. And even worse, I wear them with socks!