How Is Rush Limbaugh Useful To Democrats?

While I disagree with most of Obama’s goals and policies as stated during the campaign and acted on so far, I do think he’s a brilliant politician and he’s got brilliant political advisors. So I have to wonder why they’ve chosen Rush Limbaugh as the conservative to elevate in the public’s attention.

In the campaign, Obama ran against Bush and the last eight years. There was little opening for McCain to say or do much that did not feed into that narrative. Bush was the easy target and the Obama campaign used him to effectively to distract from McCain’s campaign. Palin was used in the same way.

It appears they are setting up Rush Limbaugh to use in 2010. And they are succeeding because Republicans are going along with it. It will be easy for them to use him as a distraction in every 2010 contest. The theme will be something along the lines of all conservatives let Rush do their thinking for them. And they may not be far from wrong.

Scientists say the dose is what makes something poison and too much Limbaugh will weaken the Republican party. I am seriously disappointed that Michael Steele played into their hands so neatly and easily.

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Stupid, Evil, or

Pelosi, Reid, and the Democrats do not want to take “ownership” of the bailout. Sure, it’s a lot of money and they don’t want responsibility for a spending bill of that size.

But does it go further than that? Do they fear it the spending bill will fail? Do they want they economy to fail, with or without the spending bill? I think that Pelosi is playing politics, fast and furious. She said the bill was in response to “failed” Bush policies of the last 8 years. Hasn’t it been adequately documented that the policies of the last 30+ years are responsible?

With all due respect (which may be none) I am of the opinion that Nancy Pelosi did not want this bill to pass. The reasons why may be numerous.

If I may quote myself (a comment on Ambivablog)

If Pelosi had really wanted this bill to pass, it would have. You cannot convince me that there were not 12 of the 95 Democrats who voted “no” that she couldn’t persuade to a “yes”. She has a bunch of carrots and a wheel barrel full of sticks to use, but she chose not to. Then she did everything she could to ensure that no “on the fence” Republican would be swayed to vote “yes”.

Yet she ( and her Democrat cronies) are doing a very good job of making it look like this was all the Republicans’ (and by default, John McCain’s) fault.

That takes a lot of talent if you ask me. Talent put to use NOT for the good of this nation or for its citizens.

Nancy Pelosi is not stupid, she’s mean-spirited and evil.

I do not want my blog to become a political blog. I’d much rather post pictures of my grandchildren. At one time, I thought about this place as a money-making venture. Being political is one way to do that. But it really isn’t a way suited to me. Been there, done that, found it’s only useful once every four years.

I’m a registered Republican, because I wanted to vote against David Duke 10.. 15… how many years ago was that? The only bumper sticker I’ve ever even considered putting on my car was one for Edwin Edwards, the crook, when he was opposing the racist (truly racist, not just a politically incorrect racist) David Duke.

(I also considered putting a “Don’t blame me, I voted for Jindal” sticker on my car. But I didn’t. I really hate bumper stickers.)

Bottom line – it’s Amba’s to promote if she chooses. Michael Reynolds doesn’t think I get the “politics” of this fiasco. Of course, I disagree!

McCain And Obama Debate

I was watching and they were both ticking me off, so I quit. My husband and I disagree fundamentally on politics in some areas and I also didn’t want to get in a heated discussion with him about it. I like to focus on the areas where we agree.

Why were they both pissing me off? Well, Obama for dishonesty. His tax plan (or any other tax plan) cannot cut taxes for 95% of Americans and not bankrupt the country. When you consider that far more than 5% of the U.S. pay no federal income tax at all, it’s mathematically impossible. McCain for not following through on some of his statements and not responding to some of Obama’s accusations.

I was never enthusiastic about Obama. He never appeared to me to be inspiring, uplifting, intelligent beyond normal, or well-spoken above the high school debate level. Much as I disagree with Clinton on various issues, she’s mostly a policy pragmatist first. Obama is a policy shapeshifter.

My first choice on the Republican side was Fred Thompson. After that it became anybody but Huckabee. That anybody turned out to be McCain.

No matter who “wins” tonight’s debate, I’m still voting for McCain. I can’t stomach and we can’t pay for Obama’s plans. I come to that conclusion after having read his books and some (there’s tons) of his issues statements on his website.