Young and Trendy

Yep, that’s me. According to the New York Times

Still have a landline? You’re showing your age. The young, hip, cool people have cellphones only, and that is bad news for traditional phone providers. In a survey of Internet users, JupiterResearch found that 12 percent “do not subscribe to fixed voice service, and nearly two-thirds of them are ages 18 to 34.”

We disconnected our landline about 4 years ago, when we realized that the only time we ever used it was to answer telemarketing calls. What seems out of place is that our children still have landlines. I think it has something to do with satellite TV service or something.

If BellSouth or AT&T or whoever it is providing this area with landline phone service would provide DSL, we’d get a landline again, but last I checked (about 2 years ago) the answer was still “never”.