Puppy Love


We’ve been trying to get a nice photo of both Jack and Maverick together. That’s even more difficult than getting a photo of all the grandchildren together!

Above left is the closest we’ve come and you have no idea how much effort this poor result took. Frankly, the dogs seem to be happiest when one’s nose is in the other’s butt.

The close-up on the right is Jack. We got him and his sister quite young from the pound. His sister, Jill succumbed to parvo.

While Jack was quite cuddly as a puppy, he’s now very independent and not enamored of petting and grooming. Oh, he’ll sit still for it a moment or two, then he’s off exploring.

Maverick will sit still to be petted until my arm is numb. He’s a “wet-mouth” dog and loves to be held closely which can get messy. I’ve learned not to cuddle him just after he’s had a drink or a meal.

Maverick is almost solid white, with a bit of light caramel coloring around the ears. His fur is soft and picks up every bit of trash in the yard. Jack has gone from being solid white as a puppy to having a blond coat of the German Shepherd type, resilient and resistant to most everything but Maverick’s slobber.

Jack is probably his full-grown size, about 24″ at the shoulder. Maverick is 4 1/2 months younger and 26″ at the shoulder. He’s obviously not “grown in” to his feet yet. He’s still puppy clumsy too, which at his size, is hilarious to watch.

I think they’ve had good influences on each other’s personalities. Jack is less of an energetic pain and Maverick is much more animated. They are good together.