What I’ve Learned In Four Days

There is nothing that you do that does not require the use of stomach muscles. This includes moving your eyeballs from left to right.

What gives relief from pain in one area will eventually cause pain in another.

After you wake up a bit from the surgical anesthesia and get a dose or two of strong narcotics, you may be fooled into thinking everything is going to be just fine and want to go home.

A small incision is one that runs from the bra line to the belly button.

They don’t serve margaritas in the recovery room, but they’ve got some really good stuff in syringes.

Eating a cracker with zero saliva is very unpleasant.

I will survive.

Alert The Media

Tomorrow I will finally have the hernia surgery that I’ve been putting off for a year or so. When I’ll feel like sitting in front of the computer again, who knows? Probably several days.

All day I’ve been wondering why it isn’t called a hisnia.