And Now I Hate Domino’s Pizza

Here’s the relevant part of the email confirmation of the pizza order:

 Order #: 14065
Date: 7/19/2008 6:30PM

Thank you for placing your order at! If you have any questions
about your order, please call the store directly at 318-688-3030.

For security purposes, we call back all new customers to verify your order prior to delivery.
If you do not answer your phone or provide an inaccurate phone number, your pizza will not be delivered.

See that phrase “…call back all new customers…” up there. Believe me, we’re not new customers. Domino’s has delivered pizza to this residence at least four times in the last month.

See that time? 6:30 pm. It’s now 7:44 pm and no pizza here yet, even after two phone calls, the last one with a lying, incompetent, excuse-making, blame the customer manager.

The first call resulted in us being told no order had been placed. The second call got a somewhat better informed person who said the computer showed the order had been completed, and was puzzled by why we hadn’t got it. So she turned the call over to the manager.

He then informed me that both his employees had to be wrong because he was the only person there allowed to pull up orders by order number.  Huh? Why have an order number then? He then told me that driver, following company policy as all his drivers always do, called and no one answered so he brought the pizza back to the store.

Oh, wait… the first time he said the driver knocked on our door and then called, which is not what he said their security policy was – which is to verify all orders by phone.  Well, it’s a nice evening here and my son and husband were both outside and nobody pulled up in our driveway and knocked on our door.

Now, I have one confession to make – the phone number on the account is wrong. It’s been disconnected. That’s how “old” our account is.

He said he’d get the pizza out as soon as a driver returned to the store. I asked him that since the pizza would be cold would he consider knocking down the price. He said he was not allowed to do that. At that point I considered just cancelling the order and letting them try to hawk this pizza off on the next poor dope that ordered one like it. Then he’d have two unhappy customers!

I can’t imagine a manager unable to make price adjustments. I guess he’s too busy pulling up the orders by order number for his staff to do anything else.

But son is hungry and wants pizza.

Yeah! 7:52 pm and pizza is finally here! But I still hate Domino’s.