It Ain’t Over ‘Til The Fat Lady Votes

I was thrilled by the possibility that Scott Brown might win the special election for Senator from Massachusetts… now it’s beginning to be a bit more thrilling: it’s looking probable.

It’s hard to imagine a worse candidate than Martha Coakley for any office. Even her defenders are having a hard time with her record. See this question and answer post at Bitch Ph.D.: Just Doing My Job?  

It’s almost enough to render me speechless, but not quite.

Basically, a reader of that blog wants to feel better about having decided to vote for Coakley, but can’t quite dismiss Coakley’s insistence on keeping an innocent man in jail. Basically, M. LeBlanc answers that all prosecutors do that so don’t worry about it.

So, what’s the moral status of advocating that someone who is likely innocent remain in prison? It’s a tough question.

Is that a tough question for my few dear readers?

Usually when you hear a lot of bad stuff about a political candidate, someone on his/her political team comes out screaming “it’s not true”. But that isn’t the case here. Coakley’s supporters are acknowledging some pretty awful acts and inactions, yet voting for her simply because… because why?

Does partisanship trump morals? Ethics? Everything? If so, we are truly doomed.