Stuffed And Happy

Surrey with no fringeI am stuffed. Oddly, there wasn’t a turkey, instead a hen which made the dressing taste all the better, I think. The dressing is some of the best I’ve ever had. My stepsister deserves the glory and she also made the rolls.

There was so much food. The dressing, chicken, ham, sweet potatoes, english peas, bacon-wrapped green beans, baked apples, spaghetti and cheese, cauliflower and broccoli salad, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, a variety of homemade pickles, potato and cheese casserole, and probably a few things I didn’t even see, much less taste.

Dessert? ahh… pumpkin pie, pecan pie, coconut pie, pineapple cake, carrot cake, chocolate cake, and probably more. My memory is sluggish at the moment.

Why the surrey without fringe on the top pictured above? My stepbrother drove it to dinner today, but he got there before I did and I didn’t know about his new carriage and horse. I barely got this photo as he was leaving, the outfit being much speedier than I expected. I hope he didn’t get a ticket on the way home.

I hope everyone has as much fun today as I did!