Sunday Morning Surfing Around

Crack That Code – It’s going to be fun when my grandchildren are old enough to have toys like these. And chemistry sets! Yeah.

Origin of Black Lawn Jockeys – I did not know this, but it is a wonderful example of how NOT knowing history can turn something upside down.

Under the Hood – the making of the inauguration.

I never have this much fun at the grocery store.

The White House kitchen. More photos, a virtual tour. A note says the site is under severe strain. I guess everyone is interested in the White House these days!

Why are women emotional? Good question.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Surfing Around

  1. I envy your surfing. I sit in front of my laptop and go blank! I realize there is a billion quadrilion zillion things on here, and yet when I find the time I can’t think of anything to look up. Yet when I am hectic and insanely busy, I think “Oh ya, I need to look that up when I have the time!”

  2. Unless I’m on a quest, I never look anything up. I click on my sidebar and choose a link, then follow one from that site and then another. It’s actually more like cruising than surfing. Plus, I suffer from this affliction that almost anything interests me. Remember, I said ALMOST!

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