Sunday Drive on the Internet Highways

I’m driving slow, and that’s most certainly not an efficient use of my time (or energy) considering the vast improvements in technology since 1974. I’m not using any off-label or illegal drugs, so I should relatively safe.

Social Policy Hindsight: is it merely a thought experiment or should we actively analyze and use such information. Would driving 55 today have the impact it did in 1974? Why or why not? Would limiting physician’s ability to prescribe off-label impact patient care adversely? I wonder if prescribing birth control pills as a fertililty treatment might not now be considered off-label.

Obama goes out of his way not to plainly say… anything. Consider Obama in charge of freeway exits signs. ::shudder:: (via Amba) Now is the time to merge together and exit, for it is this spirit that leads you… somewhere.

Be sure to use the proper fuel and good maintenance for greatest efficiency, in your car and in your body.

We’re winning the Iraq war and Bush drove us to it! If you hit a bump in the road today, rest assured that it’s Bush’s fault.

Of course reading on the internet counts as reading. Just don’t engage with text while driving, but if you do, at least make it interesting.

It’s Sunday. Take the scenic route. However, Monday will come, and this device might be handy for the commute and at least until Friday.

Should your drive take you near any summer camps, watch out for hovering helicopters. Drive carefully around full-blown addicts too. Most of them will probably be on a trail somewhere, but I’ve seen them on the side of the road.

I’m stopping at the Carnival of Cars. See ya!

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