Sunday Cruising

If you’re not reading Behind The Stick every weekend, you’re missing out. 

Amba is blogging hot right now. Just keep scrolling, you’ll find everything from anthropology to zoology. Her comments are very good too. Just skip any made by me.  

Art and Mirrors.

Men and Belly Button Lint.

Sippican Cottage (whose furniture I want) is running a series called Whose House. Check out the essays while you’re there, he’s always interesting.

Having trouble comprehending the magnitude of the bailouts, stimulus, and budget? Assistant Village Idiot puts it into perspective.

How the International Space Station Crew prepares and eats peanut butter and honey.

Lucy in the Sky with Lemons.

Let’s end on this note: Follodor and Farts.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Cruising

  1. Donna… not to turn this into a mutual admiration society but I just thought I’d let you know I’ve added you to my blog roll. Loyal reader that you are and as good as your bog is, I obviously should’ve done it much sooner. And not that my blog site is “cyber traffic central”, mind you, or the O’Hare Airport of Blog-dom, but every little bit helps (right?) and whoever (whomever?) does come to see me should know about you. You have an intelligent, wide-ranging site here that deserves a wide-ranging readership!
    All the best and thanks again,

  2. Thank you, scribbler! You are amazing – you see a wide-ranging site here, while I find it an online exhibition of attention span disorder.

    I used to think I was a Democrat, then I thought I was a Republican, now I don’t know what I am!

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