Stray Thunderstorms And Damn It’s Hot

The weather forecast says a stray thunderstorm is possible here this evening. Stray? Okay, it’s a perfectly good adjective for the very high improbability that we will get any rain at all. It just struck me as funny.

The temperature reached 100 this afternoon with a ‘feels like’ of 111. The forecast high was 97. Tomorrow’s forecast high is 100… I hope the error is on the high side unlike today’s error.

And what does my husband decide to do during the hottest part of the day? Mow the lawn. While I’m not known for being a particularly over-concerned wife about most of his activities, I asked him to wait until tomorrow morning to do that. Neither of us are known for being fussy about how manicured our lawn looks, so I figured it didn’t matter much.

I think it rather surprised him that I was concerned enough to take him a glass of cold water while he was out there.

4 thoughts on “Stray Thunderstorms And Damn It’s Hot

  1. At 2:42 the official temperature is 100 degrees. I don’t know what the heat index is, but it feels like the lower reaches of hell out there!

  2. I admire his diligence. Our lawn is a scraggly disaster. It would be a foot high if it weren’t so parched. Only 90 here today, and spitting rain today, but not enough to green anything up. I have given up on the vegetables as there was a stretch when I was sick and the drought hit at the same time and everything died and weeds took over.
    My favorite weather forecast used to be repeated fairly regularly on the BBC when I was a kid: “Stormy, with sunny intervals…” I always thought it sounded like a description of one of the drama queens in our family….

  3. Some fellow on the south side of the OKC died yesterday while doing the mowing thing. All the more reason, say I, to refrain. (Ten of 12 days this month it’s been 100 or more.)

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