Still Sick

I think I’m getting better. I got an appointment at the clinic yesterday and am on a different kind of antibiotic.

I have a tendency to bash military health care at times, but I have to report two good recent experiences. First, a visit to the Urgent Care Clinic at Moncrief Army Community Hospital, where I was seen quickly, given some relief immediately and sent away with medicine – no extra trip to a pharmacy.

Unfortunately, the medicine didn’t work well enough, or the strain of the 850 mile drive home simply made me worse. So, the day after Christmas I call Barksdale and my description of symptoms (and the fact that they could electronically access the visit to Moncrief) got me an appointment yesterday morning.

I’ve learned that you don’t simply call and ask the appointment person for an appointment. They rarely have any, but they will always get you a call back from a nurse who has much greater appointing powers.

This makes twice, yes that’s TWICE in a row that I’ve seen my assigned PCM! Maybe things are settling down there and she will be around for a while.

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