Slowing Down to Ogle the Smoldering Remains of a Car Wreck

I’ve outgrown slowing down to merely ogle, I slow down and get out of the way as soon as possible. Is that a sign of maturity? Probably not, since I’m doing it and I don’t claim maturity, just age.

It’s more like the novelty has worn off. I’ve seen plenty of that.

That’s why I’m not watching more of the Democrat’s Convention. Oh sure, I’ve seen snippets, read others and so far, nothing new. More of the same, except a bit jaded and worn around the edges.

That does not mean I don’t have a few observations to make. I did pass by, afterall.

Michelle Obama is a much better, much more articulate speaker than her husband with or without a teleprompter.

You just knew some silly TV reporter was going to have to try Rocky Mountain Oysters on camera, didn’t you? mmm… tastes like chicken nuggets, but much better than McDonald’s. Remind me to tell you about the parties some rancher friends of ours used to throw.

I don’t remember the Kennedy’s playing such a big role at the 2004 Dem convention. Is that my poor memory or is the Dems way of telling them goodbye? It seems strange. If it’s goodbye, is it hello to backroom¬†Clinton influence for years to come? oh dear.

My Dad just called me and reminded me that we, the voters, are responsible for the candidates we get. Well… yes, and no. The two party system is part of the problem. The primaries narrow it down to who is supposedly the least offensive of the field, so we get to choose between two of the ones that survive that process. On the positive side, it does usually¬†weed out the nuttier of the bunch on both sides.

Does that process really take into consideration who would be best for the country?

Term limits, folks. I’m in favor more and more.

2 thoughts on “Slowing Down to Ogle the Smoldering Remains of a Car Wreck

  1. I’d have to disagree with your Dad with respect to McCain’s candidacy. Early in the primary process other candidates began dropping out one by one. Heck, just a year ago even McCain was thinking of quitting because he couldn’t drum up the support. Then the party powers began leaning on other candidates to winnow it down to McCain because they figured he’d stand the best chance of winning.

    That had nothing to do with the primary process.

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