Shouldn’t It Be In The Best Interest Of The Daughters

And shouldn’t they get what they want? The dog is obviously for them, as neither of the adult Obamas has shown interest in owning a dog.

But more importantly, how can dog lovers show more love for a rescue dog than for a “breed” ?

Aren’t both dogs? Don’t both deserve a loving family? It isn’t like the Obamas are special ordering a specific breed, but that they’ve narrowed their choices down to breeds acceptible to their family and situation.

As we’ve just brushed away about a pound of hair from our Great Pyrenees puppy (he’s 10 month old, near a 100 lbs. now) I can’t recommend that breed for any child who has allergies. But, for one who doesn’t, this breed is the most gentle I┬áhave ever seen for his size.

When it comes down to basics, children love dogs and dogs love children MOST OF THE TIME. Get the girls a dog and everything else will work out.

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