Saturday Afternoon Random Observations

1. Stupid people abound on both sides of the U.S. partisan divide. The funniest thing is that sometimes their ‘arguments’ are interchangeable to a high degree.

2. A neighbor playing music outdoors is rather pleasant provided that neighbor is at least a block away.

3. I like sitting on the front porch.

4. A front porch should have a ceiling fan and table on which to rest a glass of wine.

5. Our new neighbors across the street park and enter their driveway just like the old neighbors did. Cars back up the driveway and go in the garage. Pickups enter hood first and park in the driveway to the far right.

6. It doesn’t really bother me to share my glass of wine with a small bug or two as long as they don’t stay in there too long. Why is this? A large bug landing in the glass gets it tossed as does one of any size that’s been in there an unidentified length of time. This may be related to the five second rule.

7. Regarding #1, stupidity is not necessarily correlated with educational achievement or the lack thereof. The ability to express stupidity succinctly is.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Random Observations

  1. Regarding #5: I wonder if it’s some peculiarity of that garage. (I wouldn’t dare back into mine. Then again, it’s a long uphill climb, and doing those in reverse with a front-wheel-drive car is not something to which I aspire.)

  2. “A front porch should have a ceiling fan and table on which to rest a glass of wine.”

    Our back porch is the next best thing, but it’s a distant second.

  3. Yes. I have wanted a gazebo in our backyard for years. It would serve as a substitute for the back porch. But… the front porch would still reign supreme because it is from there that I can choose to interact with my neighbors… or not. Well, sort of. With the exception of the neighbors to my left, I’m sort of hidden from the rest of them unless they choose to look directly toward my porch.

    It’s the only reason I’ve waffled on removing a rather unsightly and large shrub from my front yard.

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