RIP Michael Jackson

Though he touched my life much less than either Farrah Fawcett or Ed McMahon, I feel almost obligated to post about him and his obviously premature death. The premature part is what sets it apart from the other two even though Farrah was also too young to die.

Farrah Fawcett had a disease that’s, in reality, impossible to defeat. While it is a shame that she got it while so young, her death was not a surprise or a puzzle. Her life was much more of an open book to the public, therefore it did not create quite the buzz that Michael Jackson has for the last 20 or so years.

Poor Michael. That’s really all I can say. He apparently had a horrendous celebrity¬†childhood and suffered even more as an adult celebrity. It’s far too possible that he was never allowed to be human. He has my sympathy.

But… none of the three have my worship or can garner enough caring from me for more than this post, acknowledging their celebrity. Really, they were only people I did not know but had heard of. None of them, except Farrah, made the slightest bit of difference in my life and her only contribution was a determination for a few months to copy her hairstyle. Quite unsuccessfully.

If I sound harsh and cruel, then go read the obituaries in any newspaper and tell me you’d hold a candlelight memorial for any of those people you have never met and whose families you do not know.

4 thoughts on “RIP Michael Jackson

  1. I totally agree! Each in there own way was a part of my growing up, the Tonight Show, Charlies Angels (and some fantastic movie roles she played, ie: The Burning Bed), and of course music. I was never a fan of Michael Jackson’s music, which isn’t to say I didn’t think he wasn’t talented, just not my kinda stuff. I just don’t understand the extreme emotions people have over someone they never met. We were out for dinner last night, and at the pub they were having a music bingo/trivia event. A Michael Jackson song was played, and our waitress started to cry. Nobody really new how to deal with that, so we pretty much just pretended not to notice she was blubbering through our order.

  2. There is only one song that brings me to tears and that is “Amazing Grace”. This is solely because I remember my teen-aged daughter playing it so beautifully on the violin at her grandmother’s funeral. It’s personal, ya know?

    I love music. I spent years studying it. I have my musical “heroes” and, frankly Michael Jackson just didn’t make the cut. Was he talented? Yes. Did his talent transcend his personality? Nope. I truly feel sorry for him because I think his talent could have been transcendent… and perhaps he knew this too and knew that he had not made it so.

  3. I don’t mean to sound cruel but Michael Jackson has been dead (in a sense) for years. For the longest time he’s been nothing but a freakish side show and what he did to his appearance is flat-out appalling. And all this stuff with the sleep-overs (too much smoke there to be no fire) was just more bizarre grist for the mill. His ending made Elvis’s later life seem stately. I applaud his enormous talent and one-time fabulous showmanship, but that train left the station many years ago. And to listen to his father in these recent interviews tells you all you need to know about why he was a mess. An American tragedy indeed.

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