Recycling Makes A Difference

At least it makes a huge difference in how full our trash can is every week. This last week, we generated enough trash to almost fill 20% of our can vs. 80% before the city distributed recycling cans.

The recycling can (which is unfortunately a bit smaller) was completely full. Part of the reason is that the recycled stuff is bulkier, milk and juice jugs and boxes take up a lot of room in the can. We may have to start taking more care to break down boxes.

4 thoughts on “Recycling Makes A Difference

  1. I am the recycling queen! I try to outdo myself weekly, and right now I am down to one small plastic bag of garbage per pick up day. Soon here, they are going to have a ‘green’ recycling bin, which is for all food waste. I am looking forward to that as I don’t have a composter, and it is just not feasable where I live. The only thing I hate is trying to keep all the recyclables looking tidy. The containers/bags are not the nicest looking things,lol, so I am always on the lookout for something a little more ‘blend-in-able’.

  2. Lori, I so understand. Our laundry room and kitchen have way too many cans! One for food for each dog and one for trash. I can’t imagine adding another for recycling. So far, we’ve been taking a large recyclable and filling it with smaller ones. That is very ugly, but it serves the purpose.

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