Random Links

Maybe this simplest form of blogging will get me back into the blogging habit.

My favorite TV show: How It’s Made. Today I watched how clothespins are made. The youtube channel is here. The shows mesmerize me. What’s really engaging is walking in after the announcement of what it is they’re making and trying to guess what it is. One that I never guessed was the wheels on skateboards.

Something on which the left, the right, and independents agree: Drug tests for Congress. Personally, I’d add a history test, a math/logic test, and — if there is such a test — one for psychopathy.

We’re all just boobies.

Two Families Sue a Neighbor to Have Their Autistic Son Declared a Public Nuisance.  That’s pretty scary and obviously not the humane or even, correct, way to deal with autistic children. Perhaps our society is not good with that in general. See “We’re still dealing with autism like it’s this wacky historical aberration”




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