Puppy Update

Sadly, Jill died the day after I flew to Arizona. Jack, however, is doing fine. He only stayed at the vet’s for one day. I took him to a new vet yesterday for more puppy shots and they say he’s doing fine. He’s gained 2 1/2 lbs in a little over 2 weeks and is much more coordinated.

My darling husband and sweet son spent the week I was in Arizona sanitizing the doghouse and pens. The vet had told us not to allow Jack to be on the grass for seven days, and after that not to allow him anywhere Jill might possibly have pooped or vomited until it was sanitized.

After reading about the hardiness of the Parvo virus, the only way to sanitize the outside dog areas we could come up with was fire. All the bedding, the insulating hay, etc., was raked out of the house (it’s huge – it used to be a storage building) and burned in the two smaller dog pens. There’s a huge pen (hubby built it for goats, but we never got any) that Jill had never been in, so at least Jack had a place to do his number. 

The front yard is the problem. Some of the leaves they both played in on the side of the house got burned, but we really didn’t want to burn the St. Augustine we’d recently spent so much money on getting thick and healthy again. So, our front yard is off-limits to puppies for a year. The vet said Jack could go there after he’s had all his puppy shots – in about 3 months.

In case you’re wondering why we went to a new vet after Jill died, it was not because she died, but because of the way the staff treated us. We’re quite sure they treated the dogs better, as this is the vet we’ve used for years. A message to all vets – and docs for humans too – surly staff drives people away.

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