Our Personal “Dog Whisperer”

We have hired a dog trainer to help us with our Great Pyrenees puppy, Maverick. He is not less affectionate, he is not more aggressive, but he is big. BIG. HUGE, in fact. In sheer affectionate joy, he can knock me over and walking him is not fun, it’s an exercise in who is strongest and he wins.

He is one and 1/2 months shy of a year old. He hates my mouse because he thinks I’m petting it instead of him. He loves hugs. He’s sweet.

He’s uncontrollable. And he barks incessantly.

Needless to say, my neighbors are not fond of his nocturnal barking. Nor would we be if we could hear it. Our neighbors have had their houses soundproofed by the Airport Authority as well as ours is… it is merely the location of their bedroom relative to our dogs’ pen that matters.

We really like our neighbors, for the most part. So, what to do. We like our dogs and we like our neighbors.

We’ve hired our own special “dog whisperer” to help us understand the needs of the dog as well as our own. His website — alldogscan.com — states his methods and goals for dog training.

So far, we’ve had only one lesson and Maverick has half way mastered “sit” “down” and “stand” and my husband has 1/3 mastered the training techniques.

Yes… the dog is smarter in this respect than my husband. Dog trainers will tell you that they train the owners more than they train dogs. This is, of course, because the owners are smarter! (I tell myself….)

Here’s our dog whisperer’s website – All Dogs Can

10 thoughts on “Our Personal “Dog Whisperer”

  1. Okay, our dog does the barking thing too! Someone told us it is a breed thing and that if she feels like she has a job to do she’ll chill on the barking and other unruly behaviors. Also, crate training has helped us a ton.

    Why not crate train your dog so it can be locked up, indoors and out of trouble at night and let it run free during the day?

  2. When you get you dog and husband trained, can you send your trainer to my house? I have 2 little boy, a wild cat, and a husband that needs training too! haha
    But truely, it’s awesome that your invesing in your dog! Hope everything works out for you!
    Good luck in training you hubby!

  3. Maverick, the Great Pyrenees spends the night with us in the house on a regular basis… and that does eliminate the barking problem. However, there are days when he is just too durned dirty and wet to come inside. Another drawback to this breed is the coat — it’s a magnet for everything and mats easily. We do brush and groom him regularly.

    Both dogs have outgrown the crate we have, but neither have problems with bladder/bowel control overnight. Jack, the Husky/Lab mix just literally hates it inside the house. He’s not happy inside for more than 5 minutes. Maverick is quite happy indoors.

    What we are faced with where Maverick is concerned is a dog who could easily physically overwhelm us. While he is sweetly affectionate, he is also stubborn. I have no trouble with him inside the house, but I can’t take him outside on a leash without extreme difficulty. He is physically more powerful than me (and my husband) and he must learn to be submissive to us… hopefully.

  4. “We have also titled dogs in the past and if you desire we can help you title your dog as well after you complete the basic obedience course.”

    Am I gonna have to call this dog “Sir” when I get over there? And is there a sword and kneeling involved when he gets titled?

    I am really, really sorry you didn’t wait until March to do this, because I would have paid good money to watch you and Larr… er, I mean, Maverick, complete the basic obedience course!

  5. “Sir Maverick” sounds good. I have no idea what the ‘titling’ is. I very much wanted to take pictures, but the trainer insisted on no distractions.

    Lori, the number of lessons is limited only by how many you can afford! We’ve bought four.

  6. I, too, have a contestant for the obedience training showdown…. but it’s our cat, who insists on burglarizing other people’s houses and terrorizing their pets and small children… Do they have a trainer for that?

  7. Sign me up for a cat trainer. Mine has recently become utterly unmanageable, so I’m thinking about renaming him “Slippers.” You know, just to remind him of what’s ahead if he doesn’t straighten his cat butt out.

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