9 thoughts on “Oh My, My Desk

  1. Excellent touch having Harvest of Daily Life on screen! I like your set up, like a command post almost. Mine is too long for my taste, it works mind you, but I have always liked the “wrap around” feel and yours seems to have a curve to it.

  2. That’s not just a savings bond, that’s our emergency back up fund! Just kidding, it’s there because we just “found” it while cleaning out the china cabinet. Neither of us can remember where it came from or why we got it.

    I got hooked on multiple monitors working for a geophysics firm. Most of the time, my WordPress admin page is open on the other one.

    It’s definitely a curved space. You can see a bit of the bookcase on the right, but what doesn’t show (purposely!) is the table on the left. It holds my printer and whatever else I toss on it. Right now it’s got a laundry basket sitting on it full of genealogical notes and photo albums. The shredder, trash can, and a small file cabinet sit underneath it.

  3. I’ve not seen it better. Misty’s right! You’re busted. You actually expect me to believe you only have 5 post-it notes on that monitor? Hah! But the really telling factor is that I can actually see the color of the desk underneath – and *that* is a first! (What other books you got in that bookshelf, huh? Any of ’em mine?)

  4. Mary? Eric? I need a witness! Carol, about a month ago, I took all the post-its off my monitor and off my desk and transferred the info (that I could still decipher!) into a Word document titled “Stuff I Once Thought Important But Can’t Remember Why”.

    Besides, I’ve been trying to use up my stock of index cards for miscellaneous jottings.

    Really, my family is making me look bad here. I know you all love me very very much and… durnit… my feelings are hurt. Is it too early for a glass of wine? And what kind of wine goes best with a bologna sandwich?

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