Not Everything Is Neatly Indexed On The Internet

I hate it when my husband or father asks me to look for car or truck information on the internet. It’s not so bad when they have a part number. I can find dealers and prices with no problem with that information.

But when they want information on… say… how to improve gas mileage on an ’84 Mazda b2000, the internet is not so friendly. In part, I know it’s because I do not understand exactly what information they want well enough to define good search terms.

What’s really frustrating is their “man on the moon” attitude. Just because we can put a man on the moon doesn’t mean somebody has written and posted on the internet a way to increase gas mileage in a specific vehicle.

Sure, I can find plenty of site that will tell me how to make that truck run on water. That just screams SCAM to me. The idea that the hydrogen can be separated from the oxygen and used as a fuel doesn’t sound nearly as far-fetched as the idea that somebody is going to sell me that knowledge for $49.  For only double that amount I can learn how to make a fortune in real estate.

6 thoughts on “Not Everything Is Neatly Indexed On The Internet

  1. I have the same problem with my husband. He’s only recently started ‘browsing’ and it’s painful to watch. He still doesn’t quite ‘get it’.
    This is a guy, who 2 yrs ago, thought the rules for ‘tetris’ was to see how quickly one could fill the screen with shapes.

  2. Hey, I bet I can beat him at Tetris! LOL!! I spent 30 minutes on the telephone with my father who was having trouble getting IE open. My kids and I gave him a computer, set it up with his email and stuff to open with one click, etc.

    He called, said nothing would open when he clicked on it. He described what was happening and he was getting the pop-up menus. Right off, I figured he was using the right mouse button, but he insisted he was using the left one. I said, well then, use the right one!

    Voila! Everything worked just right. I was trying to figure out how his settings had got changed to switch the buttons… when it finally dawned on me to ask whether the buttons were at the top or bottom of his mouse. He had it upside down.

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