New Legal Search Engine

via Volokh, PreCYdent is up and running in an¬†“alpha” version. This should interest 2 or 3 of my readers. (ed. – you have readers?)

For myself, it’s absolutely wonderful. I like being able to go to the source of something and reading it in context rather than having to rely on someone else’s choice of excerpts and their interpretation.

I’m even dorky enough to have read law review¬†journals other than the one my daughter edited a while back. (Note to new editors – time to update the site!!)

Now, maybe someone will work on getting medical research freely available and easily searchable.

Then, I’ll never leave the computer!

2 thoughts on “New Legal Search Engine

  1. I would have started with Z. I think this is a great thing, though when you’ve found what you think you need, you should probably check it out with one of the “big boys” of legal research. It should at least lower the cost of doing that.

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