Misdirected Outrage

I know who I’m going to vote for and I think everybody else does to, or they are at least strongly leaning one way or the other.

Nothing I write is going to change anybody’s mind at this point (if ever).

There is something that I would like everyone to consider:

The President IS NOT as powerful as some would like to think. His veto can be torn up by Congress. Judges ARE NOT that powerful. If they strike a law down as unconstitutional, Congress can rewrite it and overcome the constitutional problems.

Outrage at the President and judges is misdirected, but it’s so much easier than outrage at the people who are truly responsible for our problems: our 535 congressmen.

The people who are powerful are Representatives and Senators, our Congress, all elected by various groups of us. And it is broken, rotten to the core with corruption with rules that encourage self-dealing.

It’s going to be difficult to do a makeover on Congress because the system requires us to do it from the inside, one congressional district and one state at a time.

For this to happen, citizens are going to have to come together and support good people to represent us. Neither party has a lock on corruption. Neither party has a lock on good people.

10 thoughts on “Misdirected Outrage

  1. I have to disagree. The people who are truly powerful are the media. Or rather, the *controllers* of the media. It’s their agenda that is (literally) broadcast to the majority of Americans; certainly to those Americans who don’t utilize the internets for news coverage. *That* is power.

  2. I beg to disagree with both of you. Second point first. Federal Judges are really, really, really, powerful.
    Only maybe 20 have ever been impeached. Congress has no, or little power, over the judiciary. Which is what
    the guys in Philly meant. The President, in something perhaps overlooked on that steamy day in 1776, is that
    the President has undue influence over the Court, especially the lower courts. Only guys like Joe Biden
    could prevent radicals like Bork from being nominated. They lost when politicians like John Warner and Arlen
    Spector overcame them and got the really truly unqualified, really stupid, person named Clarence Thomas on the
    Court. Thomas was Black, but no replacement for Thurgood Marshall. One of the things I was taught in
    school was to bring no disrespect for the legal system, the judges, the prosecutors, because that would
    bring disrespect for same. I am so relieved that they have done that for themselves. -No Suspension for the

  3. Clarification. In custom, it has been the role of the senior Senator of the state involved to pick the Attorney
    General of that district. Only recently have the ethics of the two offices come into conflict. In about six
    states. I am going to have to go with the actual people on the ground than with either the present or the former
    AG. This is aborrent and sad.

  4. You make a good point! I think people put so much effort in to the presidential election and they forget to really ask the important question and to research all those other people WE have to pick to help run our country.

  5. Bork it is true was unqualified. He felt the IXth Amendment had no practical application.

    However Clarence Thomas is probably the best Supreme Court Judge we have had in several generations.

    Read his opinion in Kelo or Raich. The clarity, simplicity, and adherence to the Constitution are just breath taking. Scalia could take lessons. BTW all the “liberal” judges sided with the state over Kelo. i.e. if the government wants your stuff for any reason all it has to do is requisition it and pay you a “fair” price. Not what it is worth to you. What it is worth in some hypothetical market. Fine when you need rights of way for roads or power lines. Not so nice when they want to sell your property to some drug company who would otherwise have to pay what it is worth to you or build around you.

    Also all the “liberal” judges sided with the Feds over Raich. Her pot was grown by herself. Not ever for sale. Never crossed state lines. And yet the Federal Government used the Interstate Commerce Clause to oppress her despite her compliance with State laws. Why did the “liberal” judges vote the way they did? Well there is a lot of case law giving the government total control of various markets that would be subject to overturning. We can’t have that sort of thing just to uphold principle and the law now can we? And Thomas wrote his decision with such clarity and force that I hope the other justices were at least shamed if not convinced. Really. Read Thomas instead of just repeating “what everyone knows”.

  6. M. Simon — NO, Please don’t send me to the re-education camp!

    That fits in nicely with LittleSister’s comment (#1) as the media is powerful and they’ve failed completely to keep the masses adequately informed, even if they are giving the masses what they want.

    But it is still easier to educate a small mass of people, those in a congressional district or state than it is the entire nation.

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