Meet My Maverick

maverick.jpgHe was born March 7, 2008. Until he came to live with us on August 27, 2008, he’d never seen the inside of a house, but loved to roll in the mud and water at an exotic animal petting zoo with a water buffalo. He’d also never been bathed and never been combed or groomed in any way at all. He was literally filthy and his coat smelled sour.

As we were told by the previous owners, this dog does not have an aggressive bone in his body. He’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever petted. His previous owners had named him Maverick and we decided to keep the name even though it really doesn’t fit him at all.

The first thing we did was have him groomed. This involved clipping his hair very, very short. And that’s why you haven’t seen a picture of him before now. His hair has finally grown out enough that he doesn’t look like a very large skinned rat with a cute face. I don’t really want to accuse the people we got him from of neglecting him… but they did.

My husband met Maverick’s mother and father, and I’d say he’s got a bit of growing to do. He weighed 58 lbs. on August 28. He’s grown at least 2 inches in height since then and put on a little meat around his ribs.

His breed is Great Pyrenees and he’s supposedly pure bred. You know what that means; either the mother or father isn’t pure bred or this dog doesn’t meet some kind of criteria that makes him breedable.

I know next to nothing about his previous owners, and frankly do not want to. I’m just glad we’ve got him now. Have I mentioned how sweet he is? And how eager to please us humans? Have I mentioned that he’s going to be a very big dog?

I can’t wait for his curly coat to grow back, because then he is going to be even more beautiful.

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  1. Stories told to Larry by Maverick’s previous owners. Apparently one of them has a relative that operates an exotic animal reserve/petting zoo. Apparently Maverick and the water buffalo were best friends. I didn’t question this story. There are some things I just do not need or want to know :-)

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