Maybelline? Mary Kay?

Where are you? Who is going to be the first to come out with “Palin Pink” as a lipstick color? It surely can’t be an expensive cosmetics company. That would just taint the candidate, don’t you think?

Has anyone dared ask her what brand cosmetics she uses? Surely Charlie Gibson will do so. Surely he realizes how important this is.

In fact, I think it is important to define the exact shade of pink that “Palin Pink” will be. Because if Jamie Spears ever decides to actually send Bristol some burp cloths, she needs to know what color this actually is.

I’m fairly jealous actually that Sarah Palin does not appear to need expensive cosmetics. Unlike myself, I think she’d be as well off with Maybelline, Mary Kay, or Clinique, or brands I’ve never heard of because I’ve never been in a place that expensive.

Listen up, lipstick makers — whoever comes up with it, I’ll buy it :-)

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