Jindal Vetoes Legislators’ Raise

I have to wonder if he didn’t wait so long just to embarrass some of the legislators. Shreveport professor Jeff Sadow separates the winners from the losers here.

Biggest winner: Naturally, the people of and their state of Louisiana.

Here’s the NYTimes article.

This thrills me because now I don’t have to help get nearly a million signatures for a recall petition.

In other Louisiana budget news, Jindal used his line item veto power to cut state funding of $500,000 from Shreveport’s Robison Film Center. According the Shreveport Times (longer quote than usual because this link will disappear in a week or so)

Included in the cuts was $500,000 in new funding for the Robinson Film Center. The nonprofit’s officials said they weren’t depending on it, yet its absence will reinforce the need to raise money in other ways.

In all honesty, why does Hollywood need the help of a nonprofit? I suggest they hit up a few of the millionaire (megamillionaires?) coming into town to make movies for a donation or two. Even more galling to me is the way this group was going to use the money

…the film center had intended to use the new money to build its endowment. Not getting the money will not affect its current programming or daily operations.

Good Grief.

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