I’ve Been Living In The Real World

Since Saturday, I haven’t been online more than an hour total, and most of that was looking at proofs of my daughter’s latest family photo session. Realizing that I cannot afford 32 11 x14 prints is causing some stress!

Saturday, we had a family reunion on my mother’s side for the first time since 1994. My cousins have children and grandchildren I’d never met before. We realized we’d only been getting together for funerals for the last 15 years, and that we needed more. We had so much fun we’re planning another for next year.

All of my mother’s siblings have died. My father is the only one left of that generation in the family. We are fortunate that my oldest aunt started gathering genealogical information about the family when she was a teenager and kept at it until she was no longer able to travel. Her daughter went through one box (there are more) of her mother’s photos and distributed them to the oldest child of each sibling. What a wonderful gift that was!

My sister and I have taken the information my aunt gathered and put it into genealogy software and have continued the research. Everyone enjoyed looking at the wall chart my sister printed.

Little Sister is in the states for another week and a half, so I won’t be online much until after she goes home. I could be, but I have found that I really do not like using a laptop. My wrists are spoiled to my split keyboard and my eyes to my big monitors.

Family-wise, there’s a lot going on that’s not bloggable so I may be a bit distracted. Um, I mean more distracted. Possibly less intelligible too, if that’s possible.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Living In The Real World

  1. We began having an annual family reunion in 1991 on the occasion of our mother’s 85th birthday: I hadn’t seen some of my siblings (5) in over 15 years at that time. Since then we’ve met every August in New Hampshire. My 77-year-old brother is now the titular family head; it’s really great to see each other all together with kids and grandkids and sometimes cousins, if only once a year. Our wonderful Mom and Dad are there in spirit.

    As families disperse, it is hard to remain close, but worth every bit of the effort. Enjoy your sister’s visit! Our son and daughter-in-law come from London in May with her parents from Madrid, and we are all so looking forward to seeing each other again.

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