It Has Come To My Attention That My Blog May Be Boring

Though it couldn’t have been said in a nicer way, I think my favorite bartender would like for me to get a life. Or something. Something like he way overestimates the blogging value of my accumulated sticky notes.

The most meaningful one (but one I actually threw away) was a series of question marks. I will reproduce it here for you:


“WTF” would have been somewhat more informative. I think. Perhaps what I really need is to spend more time drinking in bars employing really great and wise bartenders.

As noted here, I seem to express myself better in comments on others’ blogs. I hope that’s a passing phase.

3 thoughts on “It Has Come To My Attention That My Blog May Be Boring

  1. So much of my life is not “bloggable” at this particular time. It’s tough and raw and I’m not one to serve something so inedible. I’ll figure it out and your blog and comments help me do that.

  2. Ah but blogging the unbloggable is the best kind of blogging. Helps you figure it all out for yourself and it also helps others too. The hard part is doing it tactfully without dragging others through the mud.

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