Inspired To File

Thanks to C.G., I’ve just finished our 2009 taxes, federal and state. Unlike him, I was not inclined to do it by hand. Been there, done that, and no matter how simple our returns are now compared to previous years, I like the software approach.

The most complex year involvedĀ 4 non-residentĀ state returns, including California which required several more pages and ‘forms” than the federal return. I’d have never figured it out without the software.

4 thoughts on “Inspired To File

  1. I feel your pain. We lost *all* sanitary sewer function at the house on Christmas Eve. A full day of trenching and exhuming the old, disintegrating, collapsing sewer main connection in the backyard and then replacing it with shiny new pipe and fittings (to actual code thickness, no less) and then forking over $3,500 and all was at peace.

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