I’m Grumpy

I think I will just blog randomly about pet peeves or other crap that comes to mind. I have a head cold and a headache, too.

Want your website to look unprofessional and render it useless? Don’t date any of your articles! It’s so easy.

Want to sound really intelligent? Misuse “begs the question” when speaking or writing. I’m amazed at the number of supposedly educated people who use this when they mean “raises” the question.

Also, write “make due” when you need to use “make do” as it shows how well you’re making do with what you have. This is especially effective when criticizing someone else for not being as righteously frugally environmentally concerned as you are.

By all means, when someone who has a lot more money than you have decides to spend it on something you disapprove of, let the world know how much good they could have done if only they were as thoughtful as you would have been with that much money. Then, in the next paragraph write about how “the left” and the government shouldn’t be taking people’s money away from them to spend on what “they” think it should be spent on.

to be continued… I’m sure.

6 thoughts on “I’m Grumpy

  1. Can’t do it. Shot fish in a barrel once. Could not reload fast enough.

    Why do not get your libertarian and repubican idiots on the tube? Why don’t we blame the new president, since he
    is 47 days away?

  2. ‘begs the question’, ‘raises the question’ – oh crap, I’m doing something else wrong, you’ll just have to ‘make due’ if you want to read my words of wisdom every day. Just thank your lucky stars I know how to use spell check on occasion because if you saw some of my posts before it… 😀

  3. LOL, lynne! I don’t think you’re one of the ones I’m talking about. What set me off that day about “begs the question” was a professional writer, with an advanced degree, putting himself forward as a Public Intellectual misusing it twice within two paragraphs. Not to mention I’ve never read any sentiment on your blog that even comes close to the arrogance of the two morons using “make due” that day. One could have easily substituted “let them eat cake” for their sentiments.

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