I’m Back!

And I’ve got stories to tell. Too many for one post, so I’ll just put up a photo of the reason for the trip to Arizona:

My youngest grandchild, Penelope, was born on April 6 and I think she’s beautiful! That’s a completely unbiased assessment.

Along with more photos of the baby and her big sister, I’ve got stories about my Amazon account being hacked, my car breaking down, a stinky motel room, a horrible hospital stay, rigid unreasonable health insurance rules, my husband’s 27 hour Greyhound bus trip. Let’s just say it was all interesting.

4 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. This child is devastatingly beautiful. It is the eyes, and the balanced features, and the promise – 20 years hence – of cheekbones, and of lips, and still the eyes. And it’s nice to have you back, and my heart goes out to see hints of your difficult adventures, but: did I mention the devastating beauty of the child? Touched by God.

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