Illness As Punishment

I have read some (by far in the minority, but enough to be easily noticed) horrid comments about Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor diagnosis – intimations that he deserves this because of past actions or because of his liberal politics.

Enough already. Very young children get malignant, non-operable brain tumors. What did they do to deserve theirs?

What did I do to get lucky and have a treatable benign brain tumor? I’m no better than those children, I guarantee you.

This is the same type of thinking that considered AIDS a punishment for being homosexual.

The  polity needs to grow up.  

UPDATE: DJ Drummond says it more eloquently and nicer than me.

…Cancer is a damnable enemy which respects no moral boundaries. It will attack a Republican just the same as a Democrat, a man or a woman with equal energy. Cancer is a horrifying malady, one which seeks to kill its victim, but only after excruciating torture. I know it too well, from my own cancer to my mother’s recent return of Breast Cancer, to the deaths of old friends and some new ones (and children – the damned thing goes after children as if it were the devil himself). No one deserves Cancer, and any victory over Cancer is a good one, one to celebrate.

20 thoughts on “Illness As Punishment

  1. No one is talking about children with cancer. Ted Kennedy is not a child with cancer. He is an over rated pompous windbag who deserves every horrible thing that ever happens to him, regardless of whether it is cancer or not. When you knowingly and purposely take the life of another person, you deserve death yourself, no matter how it comes, when it comes or who else might suffer the same fate. No one wishes cancer on you, your family, children, so get over yourself and look at the big picture. This is not a crusade. Karma took 40 years to come bite big Ted in his a** and I, for one, am satisfied that he will now suffer the same horrific, painful, scary death as the woman he left to die back in 1969. Think of me what you want, I don’t care. This man does not deserve to die peacefully. I can only hope he feels true remorse and begs God for his life so he may end up in a better place than in the scorching fires of hell.
    Senator Kennedy, I will pray for your soul.

  2. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Dianne, but if Kennedy dies from this brain tumor, it likely will be peacefully unaware in his sleep.

    It is his family that will suffer watching him die. Does Caroline deserve it? His children? Bobby’s children?

    I would hope that no one wishes cancer on anyone. If there were a cure for Kennedy’s cancer would you deny it to him?

  3. Oh get over yourself. Cancer is not pain free. AT ALL. I have battled cancer myself. So, no disappointment here, but nice try. His death with not be peaceful. Not only have I battled cancer myself, but I have watched people close to me die from it. One from the same type of brain cancer Kennedy has. It will eat away at his brain. Do you think that is peaceful?? Do you think it won’t be scary? Knowing that this thing is eating away at your brain and it will most definitely kill you? Yes, that is scary. Yes, that is horrific. Much the same as the young girl he left to die. She had to sit there in the water waiting to die, feeling her chest tighten as it became harder and harder to breath. Do you wish THAT on anyone, Donna, because I sure don’t! One can only hope that maybe she hit her head when they crashed and she was unconcious. Maybe that’s how the good ‘ole boy let himself sleep at night.
    Yes, his family will suffer. That’s all part of life. Did I say Caroline deserves it? His children? Bobby’s children? No, I don’t think I did. Better read again, Donna.
    In answer to your question, I would not deny a cure for cancer to anyone. That would make me a bad person, wouldn’t it, Donna? I believe my statement read he deserves ANY horrible thing that happens to him. I did not limit myself to cancer, this is not about cancer. Get off the cancer crusade. This is about a man who has to pay for what he did. He is not the only one, there are a lot of horrible people out there doing horrible things to other people. They ALL deserve someting. If it’s cancer, it’s cancer. If it’s something else, so be it. The bottom line is, he left someone to die and did not think twice about it. Maybe she could have had a chance to go on and live a prosperous life. Did she deserve not to? Did she deserve to be left behind to die? That is a horrible act and deserves a horrible consequence. I’m just sorry that he got away with it for 40 years!

  4. Illness is biological. No one is in control. Not even God. Punishment is done by humans.

    Kennedy certainly deserves punishment, but it is simply illogical to assume that biology stepped in where humans failed. Your statement that he deserves ANY horrible thing that happens to him is similarly illogical.

    I’m not on a cancer crusade. You need to get over yourself and your joy at seeing someone “punished”.

  5. I think I may have offended you. And for that, I apologize. I can see by your response that you are taking my words extremely personally and I’m not really sure why. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yes, even you and I respect your opinions. I do not agree with you, but that’s ok. You are human, just like Ted, just like me. You make mistakes, I make mistakes, he makes mistakes.
    Unlike you, I do believe that God is in control. God did punish me for past mistakes. For that, I am eternally grateful because I am comforted in the fact that I’ve made peace with Him. I hope Senator Kennedy can say the same.
    I do get a sick satisfaction out of his predicament and I do believe that it is justice that he will suffer a similar fate as Mary Jo. The frustration, the uncertainty, the pain. Eye for an eye the Bible says.
    If, by the grace of God, Kennedy manages to pull through this one, I will be happy for him because it is ONLY by the grace of God that he could and that would mean he must have made peace with God. Which ever God he chooses to believe in.
    Donna, I’m going to say a little prayer for you tonight because I do believe you are a good person who deserves a little blessing in her life.

  6. Dianne, you have not offended me. We certainly disagree, but you are entitled to your beliefs just as I am mine. We both get the opportunity to say how/why we disagree.

    “An eye for an eye” would mean that Kennedy would die by drowning at the hands of someone else. If God were in control (ie, if he chose to be in control) why does he let disasters such as the cyclone in Myanmar, the quakes in China, the hurricanes in Florida and Louisiana, the tornados in Colorado, etc., happen? Were ALL those people killed guilty of something other than being born?

    I stand by my reasoning than punishment is manmade, therefore Kennedy’s brain tumor (not inflicted by man or a governing authority) is not punishment for his prior sins.

    That he got off without punishment for Mary Jo Kopechne’s death does not set well with me, it never has.

  7. I have been reading the banter back and forth between these two for the past two days and I do believe that Round 1 is a tie, Round 2 goes to Dianne and Round 3 goes to Dianne. Donna, you gave it your all. Good luck to you.

  8. The part about “banter back and forth” is correct. But since neither of us were going to convince the other of hardly anything, the fight terms are incorrect.

    It isn’t a boxing match, Randy.

  9. Seriously, Randy, grow up. This is not about winning. This is about people expressing their opinions, which both of us have done. I must admit, that I did take into consideration some of the things Donna had to say. Although, in the grand scheme of things, our opinions don’t really matter.

    Ok, “eye for and eye” is not meant to be taken literally. But, since you mentioned it, I believe that he will drown. He will drown in the uncertainty, the pain, the unknown. It may not be a literal drowning in the water, but a drowning none the less. I do pray that he feels true remorse and I do pray that he finds salvation so that maybe he is pulled to the surface before it’s too late.

    I do believe you are correct that certain types of punishment are man made, but what about those whose deeds go unpunished by man? I believe in God and I believe that God takes care of it in the end.

    As for cyclones, tornadoes, etc., we are not going to get into why I believe God is cleansing the Earth…slowly, but surely. I will only continue to hope and pray that I am doing the best I can to be the best person I can be so when it becomes my turn to face judgement, I will be blessed.
    Honestly, I pray for ALL mankind everyday, yes, even Senator Kennedy. When I wake up in the morning, throughout the day and when I lay down to sleep at night. I keep a constant connection with God because I know what my life was like before I allowed Him into it and I never want to go back to it. I stand by my belief that God is in control. We are all given the free will do know right from wrong and choose which direction we want to go. It’s God’s decision what happens after that.

  10. Yes, I know that “an eye for an eye” is not meant to be taken quite as literally as I did. It means, I think, that the punishment should fit the crime. I believe that and that is why I do not oppose the death penalty for murder or other crimes that result in death, although I do think intent should affect the sentence.

    If an individual sets out, plans, PREMEDITATES a murder, by all means punish him by taking his own life. If, however, through negligent action or lack of action he causes the death of another, I think imprisonment is the more appropriate punishment. Ted Kennedy escaped being tried, convicted, and sentenced to any punishment that man can bestow for the death of another. I regret that. We (our society, judicial system, etc.) failed.

    To my way of thinking, a brain tumor that will likely cause his death is actually insufficient punishment for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, therefore I don’t think it is imposed by God. At Kennedy’s age, it would almost be the same as saying that dying a natural death of “old age” is punishment. That is if you are not one of those believing that aging is a “disease.”

    It seems what we’ve come to here is the age-old question “Why does God allow evil?” You’ve acknowledged free will, and I think the answer is partly that free will would be meaningless if only good were allowed, just as joy would be shallow without sorrow.

    That doesn’t consider the question of diseases and natural disasters, but I’ve heard it suggested that nature is both a gift for us to study and a gift which allows us to choose to do good for those suffering from one. That is not quite satisfying to me, but it makes more sense to me than God punishing us now, on earth for earthly actions, when he’s got eternity to do it. I don’t see us having free will in any kind of afterlife I can imagine, but I wonder why we got such a gift on earth.

  11. Honestly, I believe that a brain tumor at his age IS a gift from God. God is giving him a chance to reflect on his actions and repent, giving him a chance to make peace and make amends. As I’ve said before, his death will be similar to Mary Jo’s in the sense that she had to sit and wait for salvation, not knowing if it would come. I only pray that he can see that and that he takes this as a blessing in disguise.
    I don’t question why anymore. I have come to a point in my life where questioning why mostly leads to disappointment because more often than not, you are not going to get the answer you were hoping for. Instead, I look at each new challenge and I search for what it is I am supposed to learn from it.
    Each day is a gift for me now and I look for the good tings that can arise from a bad situation. i.e., a natural disaster as a gift which allows us to choose to do good by helping those suffering from one. It helps to teach us tolerance, compassion and love for others and that is a gift that will live on, if you choose to do the right thing.
    I am not just talking monetary, material or physical help. I know there are a lot of people out there who can barely afford to feed themselves, but to just take a minute out of your day to pray for someone else is also a blessing for both you and them.

  12. P.S. It is my free will to pray for people and be there to help them in any way I can, and I try to do that as often as possible. If it were not for the kindness of strangers and prayers I would not have the gift of a new day.

  13. Randy, if you can’t keep up with an intelligent conversation, you need to keep quiet and try not to get into it. It will only hurt your brain.
    In case you didn’t know, Opining Online is about sharing opinions on ANYTHING. Including God.

  14. Dianne,
    I’m a perpetual questioner about almost everything. My Dad jokes that I still drive him nuts asking “Why?” I agree that more often than not I am somewhat disappointed by answers I get, many of which are “We don’t know.” However, I seldom ask with a preconceived answer in mind.

    Your method of looking at each situation for what you are to learn from it is not so different from my questioning. “Quest” and “search” are related in meaning. Yours may be a more peacefully rewarding way to do it.

    Though I see your point about Kennedy’s brain cancer being a gift from God to spur him to examine his life, repent, and make amends, I don’t see it as being directly to Ted from God. Rather I see it as one of the “natural evils” that allows a human to make the choice to react to it in a good way or bad way.

    For all we know, he took this step years ago. Whenever, for his sake and for his family’s, I hope it’s taken.

    Please join the conversation, but at least express an opinion we can respond to. Snark isn’t much of way to communicate. As you can see if you read the entire thread, Dianne and I started out sounding as if we completely disagreed on everything. As we’ve explored each other’s thoughts and ideas (and examined our own in doing so), we’ve found we weren’t so far apart.

    Randy, what are your thoughts?

  15. I think Randy needs to get a life. If you’re not going to be a positive responder to the topics at hand then your comments are not needed. Have a great Memorial Day!

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