I’ll Be Back

I’ve been doing more reading than posting lately. And now I’m getting ready to take a trip. Arizona is nice this time of year.

There will be a new baby to cuddle soon and a three-year-old that needs some serious grandma spoiling, so I’ll be far too busy to blog.

There might be a cute baby photo now and then, otherwise check back mid-May.

6 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back

  1. Enjoy your trip, my friend, and if you happen to pass through Sedona please take my picture down from the post office wall. :) I tended bar there once (working my way back east) in a place called L’Auberge and lasted I think no more than three days. Beautiful place but a lot of displaced L.A.-ers had moved in and yuppified the hell out of the place. They’re actually trying to build on Indian burial grounds. But ahhh, once you leave the town and that crowd, the magic remains. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the country. Have fun!

  2. Hi enjoy your grandchildren. Myself I have 9 inherited a few more by remarriages. Became a greatgrandmother too can’t believe all that our great doctors tell us. My granddaughter was told that when she was ready to have children at the age 20 years, they would send her to a fertility specialist. I guess one of the meds given to her to prevent pregnancy stopped her monthly cycle. Well to her suprise and fiancee’s too on an ultrasound now six months pregnant, a little hand seemed to be waving to them. I warned my girls that just because our cycles are not monthly do never think you can not get pregnant. One of my daughters planned her wedding for a year in advance many years ago. One of her best friends told me oh no your Deb does not think she can get pregnant, her cycle was off. Well I had a talk with her. I only could imagine a great white long gown and trail with a bump in it. Needless to say one doctor told me of her best friend when I needed to take her to a GYN, her Mom passed when she was young, so I was told this girl can not get pregnant American women worry too much her exam showed the consistency of her natural lubrication was thin. Well being a long time RN, I questioned him, for I know at ovulation time it is different and how did he know by that type of exam. Comment to me in his accent I think Swedish American woman should only wash with little water and vinegar never soap. We both left the office a little confused. Well needless to say she indeed become pregnant not long after that visit either. So indeed grandchildren are miracles we have when we get older. It is our hope we can teach them some of our life’s experiences. But mostly as with teens they sometimes need to learn on their own. I kick in when one of my daughters is having a problem with one of her teens. I try to call, usually they do not pick up either for me. Sometimes the best word of Love is no to them for their safety too, but what do you do? You just remember they will run into the same problem themselves too in the future. In my case all the grandparents have passed but me. My ex husband for some reason does not enjoy them the not so funny thing about it, was it was his fault because we split. It is his loss, but still breaks my heart when my children as well as their children are not noticed by him. So we are all her for a reason I do believe, I sure know what mine is. It is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I may not be a run around sloppy kisser like my 6 month old Golden puppy, but I sure do feel it. It is a gift given to us a priviledge same as owning an animal. It is a priviledge that never should be mistreated in any way. Guidance is our job and lots of love. If there were 50 of them our hearts are never too small to love them all.
    To Jim,
    I do not think it is a good idea to build on anyone’s burial ground. Are we too greedy not find land somewhere else. I hope not. Both living and dead deserve our deepest respect.

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