If Money Can Solve It, You Don’t Have A Real Problem

The title of this post is a saying I’ve heard from my father over the years. And it’s truth becomes more evident as time passes. The saying does not address getting the money, only the severity of the problem. If your problem is that your shoes have holes in them, money can get you a new pair of shoes. 

If your problem is poor health — say you have cancer — no amount of money can buy a cure. That’s a Real problem. Money may buy you years and because of that, a “cure” is defined, medically or statistically, in years. Five years, usually.

If your problem is a cluster of diseases possibly or probably caused by somewhere you were 45 or so years ago, no amount of money is going to buy a cure.

If you’ve got a problem that money can solve, then your goal should be to earn that money. It may seem impossible, but it probably is not. If money can’t solve your problem, ponder that infamous creek and missing paddle.

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