I Made A Big Mistake

Yesterday evening, around 8pm, I decided to clean the stove. And the vent over the stove. And the side of the stove and the side of the cabinet it stands against. And behind the stove. And under the stove.

And now… it’s early this morning, my back hurts, my hands hurt, and I’ve noticed that the walls and cabinets also look a bit dingy and greasy.

Why, oh why didn’t I just turn out the lights and go to bed early?

3 thoughts on “I Made A Big Mistake

  1. Because you are a good woman. Look on the bright side: when you die young (as only the good do), they will preach from Proverbs 31 at your funeral, and there won’t be a dry eye in the church. Whereas, the wicked BAD housekeepers like me live in terror of someone stopping by unannounced….heheh…

  2. heheh… indeed! First, I’m too old to die young, and second, I stopped being in terror of someone dropping by unannounced years ago… “here, just let me sweep this pile of junk off the couch and have a seat!”

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