I Hate Comcast

For the last hour (maybe more) I’ve not been able to connect to my website or to GoDaddy.com, my hosting service.

Of course, the first thing I did was contact GoDaddy. They told me Comcast was having “difficulty” connecting to their servers. Frankly, I was thinking… “um yeah, right.”

However, I have no trouble connecting to my website or GoDaddy through my at&t aircard. So, I conclude that GoDaddy is right and… who knows what Comcast says other than there’s nothing wrong with my modem. Like I didn’t know that I could connect to almost every other website I visit.

Why do I not know what Comcast says? Because I’ve been on HOLD with their crappy music and self-serving announcements for over an hour now, counting the two times they’ve hung up me and twice I’ve hung on their hold music. I’d love to hear what they say, but I’ve run out of patience!

I hate Comcast

4 thoughts on “I Hate Comcast

  1. came across your blog via google blog search “comcast, godaddy”

    My site is having the same problem. GoDaddy told me the same thing. Spoke to Comcast and, credit to them, the rep actually tried to figure out whats going on but without understanding what GoDaddy was, he basically found that the “floor team” told him that comcast doesnt block any IPs or packets (kinda funny given their recent publicity). So no help. I hope this is resolved permanently soon. I am switching my hosting away from Godaddy.

  2. There are probably plenty of reasons to change hosts as GoDaddy is not perfect. I do like being able to reach real live human beings though.

    What irritates me is that this problem was definitely on Comcast’s end and I have little choice for my home connection. It’s either Comcast cable or dial-up.

    That I have access to an aircard isn’t a substitute for almost full-time daily connections. It would break the bank quickly. It’s for backup and on the road connections, not everyday stuff.

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