I Am Joe’s Wife, Aunt, Sister, Mother, Daughter

Iowahawk (who I don’t have on my blogroll, but perhaps should) in a most serious note suggests that he is Joe.

Joe is defined too narrowly as merely a plumber. Joe is more than that, don’t you think? He represents my pipefitter husband, his welder brother, whose two sons are actually plumbers!

And how are they different from my dad the logger and sawmiller, my stepbrother who followed in my dad’s footsteps? How are they that different from my brother who didn’t, but perhaps wishes he had?

How are my sons – a teacher in training and AF National Guardsman and a disabled, but determined man different from Joe? Do they not have dreams? Are they not working to make them reality? Why, yes they are. Are they perfect? I wish… though I love them as if they were.

Truly, I can’t think of a more “perfect” example of the American working man than today’s plumber. While no more dignified than ditch-digging, it requires more education and training (yes, there’s math and physics involved).

If I understand Democrat ideals (it’s entirely possible I do not), Joe the Plumber should be their poster boy. Yet… he’s not. Why? Why are middle Americans not represented by the Democrat Party? And why do so many of them think they are?

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  1. Being in Canada, and yes, we have plumbers too,, lol, I can’t believe how much coverage is being shown up here about ‘Joe’, and 6-packs and Mavericks. Our election for Prime Minister is just finished and yet we still had more coverage of the Presidential election than our own. Of course here you can’t understand half of what is being said because of the french accents,,lol, they have even had closed captioning of some of the debates!

  2. You can’t make assumptions about people’s values based on race, job status or financial status. That is a mistake. I am “joe’s wife” and I don’t share the same ideals. People are the same and also very different all at the same time. Our country is great like that.

  3. I absolutely agree Talina. That’s exactly what I was trying to say. It saddens me that some (maybe only a few, who knows?) Democrats are making fun of Joe’s dream.

    To me that sounds like they are making fun of America and Americans.

  4. Obama made a mistake in making light, if he did, of Joe, even if he were not subjected to (by McCain) incessant
    unwarranted scrutiny. Normal, meaning imperfect people like me and Joe and the relatives you cite with favor, the
    undersigned apparently excluded, really are the bedrock of the country.

  5. Dear Brother,
    The news about Obama’s remarks to Joe came out before the debate. I really don’t see how you can blame McCain for this. Does Not Compute.

    I don’t just favor you, you know? You’re my favorite.

  6. You raise the possibility that you do not understand “Democrat” (You rock, Lee Atwater!)ideals, while otherwise
    eliminating all doubt about democratic ideals. Although the Democratic Party does represent the middle class,
    way too many of us are discracted by nonsense like Ayers. Fox News says Weathermen bombings caused 3 deaths,
    and other more careful purveyors just say the bombings resulted in deaths, failing to mention that the deaths
    were of 3 particularly inept weathermen who blew themselves up trying to make a bomb in 1970 or so. Nobody, except
    the neighbors, was very upset. It is also true, but unrelated and irrelevant, that some ex-weathermen tried to
    rob a Brinks armored car in 1981, resulting in the deaths of 2 policemen and a security guard. That wasn’t
    terrorism – just normal American brutal criminality. The death of the math professor at the University of
    Wisconsin, also in 1970, was caused by local student idiots with no affiliation to weathermen or SDS. They called
    themselves the New Years Gang.

  7. Dear Brother, do you not remember the lesson Nixon taught politicians — that the cover-up is worse than the crime? It is not nonsense to wonder why Obama is so skittish about his long-term working relationship with Ayers.

    It’s not a distraction to consider the goals and accomplishments of the Annenberg Challenge, the Joyce Foundation, and the Woods Fund while Obama serving on their boards with Ayers.

    And can you dismiss so easily the connection between ACORN and Obama? Or do you approve of ACORN goals and tactics also?

  8. I absolute agree with the stated goals of ACORN, and presume that the foundations have similar noble intent.
    ACORN is a triple victim here in that it may have paid for the bogus signature, then legally could not destroy
    or ignore the paperwork so flagged and warned secretaries of states or registrars of the Mickey Mouse nature of
    them, then gets accused of what would have been the most poorly-conceived and executed attempted deception in
    history. I think the Republicans’ multiple efforts to disenfranchise legitimately registered voters is much
    more effective.
    Nixon had something to cover up; how does one cover up a non-existent long-term working relationship?
    I didn’t call the dead weathermen inept murderers. just inept. I said Fox was lying when it called them murderers.

  9. TO: CGHill
    Three of them were sent to jail. The 4th has vanished. So Justice, albeit hampered, and/or God
    have worked things out. It is one of my hopes that you also get your semantics and otherwise together.

  10. Dear Bro, you’re not making sense or you are deliberately trying to distract from Obama’s association with and apparent approval of Bill Ayer’s politics. What about Obama’s blurb approving Ayer’s apologia for his youthful actions and ideas? Ideas, which I can find little evidence that he’s decided were wrong.

    Reason and logic, not distractions, will help you get your otherwise together. :-)

  11. What the hell are you talking about?

    Most thinking Americans belatedly agree with Ayer’s politics, never with his tactics. I think he said the war
    in vietman was wrong. Most of us disagreed around that time. I think I have told you of a time that the
    Columbia Univerity Varsity Baseball Team, led by their coach, took umbrage at the prescence of some undefined
    anti-war demonstators on the sidewalk of 116th and Amsterdam. The baseball team had to take the bus up to the
    tip of Manhattan because the field was on the confluence of the East and the Harlem Rivers, called Baker Field,
    and like other naval places in San Diego, really pretty. The battle took longer that it should have, because the
    hippie commie freaks showed some unexpected spunk, but me and the team won the war that day. That was not
    entirely unsurprising, given all the bats we had.
    But that was it for me. I could not hit an opponent with a bat. All the years that that Amerericanism and
    sportmanship, all the things that defeated the British, prevented that. So I talked to one of the protestors.
    He told me go fuck myself. He did not seem impressed with the official major league bat I held. I decided to look
    into the war crap a bit more. Found out that Ayers was right.

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