Hummer, Chick Magnet or Not

A serious discussion here between my son and myself. I, the 55+ female says that Hummers are serious NOT chick magnet. My 30+ son thinks they are.Who’s right?NOTE: We’re not talking about the military Humvee with a 50 caliber… which would no doubt be a chick magnet, we’re talking about the cute yellow or black ones on the car lots.   

6 thoughts on “Hummer, Chick Magnet or Not

  1. The bigger the vehicle the smaller the —— <–fill in the blank.

    I detest the things they are a complete turn off. There’s a guy a few blocks away who has one, in yellow, we all call him big bird and he’s the butt of most of our jokes.

  2. Your son needs to remember when a guy has bought a hummer, he’s not going to have a lot left over in his wallet. By the time he’s gassed the thing up, there’s not a lot left over for the restaurant :)

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