How Is Rush Limbaugh Useful To Democrats?

While I disagree with most of Obama’s goals and policies as stated during the campaign and acted on so far, I do think he’s a brilliant politician and he’s got brilliant political advisors. So I have to wonder why they’ve chosen Rush Limbaugh as the conservative to elevate in the public’s attention.

In the campaign, Obama ran against Bush and the last eight years. There was little opening for McCain to say or do much that did not feed into that narrative. Bush was the easy target and the Obama campaign used him to effectively to distract from McCain’s campaign. Palin was used in the same way.

It appears they are setting up Rush Limbaugh to use in 2010. And they are succeeding because Republicans are going along with it. It will be easy for them to use him as a distraction in every 2010 contest. The theme will be something along the lines of all conservatives let Rush do their thinking for them. And they may not be far from wrong.

Scientists say the dose is what makes something poison and too much Limbaugh will weaken the Republican party. I am seriously disappointed that Michael Steele played into their hands so neatly and easily.

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3 thoughts on “How Is Rush Limbaugh Useful To Democrats?

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    All this Rush-Bashing will just get more curious Libs to listen to Rush. Some of them will learn some things about themselves and the world. They will realize that much of what he says makes a lot of sense to them.

    The main principle of ‘conservatism’ is ‘individual liberty’, that is instinctual and naturally understood. We must keep planting this thought in the minds of young people, so that they will be better able to resist their institutional brainwashing. ‘Leftism’ is a lie, it is phony, and it is racist at its core.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe hates
    the principles of FREEDOM

    fascism comes from the Right
    that is a lie of the Left

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    never mock The Left

    it’s just their religion

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